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3 Aussie Horror Films To Add To Your Halloween Watch List

31 Oct , 2015  

3 Aussie Horror Films To Add To Your Halloween Watch List


So today is the day that many filmmakers get to benefit from a slight bump in sales of films thanks to the horror genre. It’s halloween!

Adrenaline filled nail biters or skin crawlingly twisted stories, since halloween is associated with all things scary, I thought I’d give you a few films that you may not have seen before if you’re trying to pick something to watch tonight whilst you eat all of your kid’s candy… or in my case the candy I’ve hidden from trick and treaters. These are also Australian, which probably means you’ve never heard of them, but give them a go I promise it’ll raise your heartbeat!

NB I am not a horror film fanatic, I look for more than blood, guts and the odd booby or two to sit through one, so enjoy!

1. Rogue


Rouge Film Poster


Funnily enough, I watched this today. A 2007 survival horror film by the writer/director of Wolf Creek, Greg McLean, this aussie film tells the story of a stranded group of tourists in the ‘Top End’ of Australia, an extremely regional and remote area, and an overly territorial crocodile which happens to be the size of a bus. A wickedly silly yet awesome premise.

Don’t expect the thrills immediately. The first 30 mins are spent giving insight and backstory to the large cast (all the more reason to feel bad when something happens to them), and you’ll have to put up with some Australian stereotypes as the film is made to appeal to an international audience, but stick with it and you will be rewarded.

The suspense that the filmmakers bring to the table is crazy (my favourite kind of horror/thriller), a highlight being the moment that a brave Sam Worthington wades through water at night to help the group secure a route off an island that is being flooded by the inbound tide, when they all know that the croc is close by.



2. Wyrmwood; Road Of The Dead




A 2014 action-horror film that centres around a mechanic fighting to find save his Sister in the zombie apocalypse, after a meteor shower turns most of the world into zombies. I was lucky enough to see this in the cinemas, and it was a rip-roaring entertaining film.

It’s got a great mix of action, suspense, satire and zombies in a unique spin on the almost worn out zombie apocalypse. It’s not the scariest of films if you’re  looking for frights, but damn it if it isn’t one of the most entertaining.

Directed by Kiah Roche-Turner, and Co-Written & produced by his brother Tristan Roche-Turner, I can’t wait to see what this duo come up with next.



3. The Babadook


The Babadook Film Poster

Even writing the words scared me. I haven’t watched a more unsettling or unnerving film in years, seriously. I watched the trailer again and was transported back to the world in which our characters live. The Babadook is an amazingly crafted film by Jennifer Kent, wherein a Mother & Son struggle to deal with the loss of the husband/father some years prior.

Essie Davis portrays a woman completely burnt out (seriously award winning material), and what I love most about this film is it’s ability to marry the improbable with the possible. It gives a physical manifestation to the grief that this small family is going through, and it honestly left me tense for many many nights after first watching.

This is both one of the best AND scariest films I’ve seen for many years. Period.


So there you go, three films to pick from for your Halloween tonight. Enjoy!

Got any films that are your go-to for a good scare? What would you recommend watching on Halloween? Let me know in the comments below! – Nick



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