5 Podcasts That Can Make You A Better Filmmaker

4 Oct , 2015  

I love listening to podcasts. They’ve now mostly replaced listening to music for me during exercise, driving, housework, when I want a bit of inspiration, or when I’m feeling stressed, worried or a bit down about a project I’m working on.

As an aspiring filmmaker, I love listening to the struggles that other filmmakers are dealing with. It actually reminds me that we’re all human, and that filmmaking is a bloody hard and a tough medium to create great stories in. However, I don’t just listen to podcasts dedicated to filmmaking. I’m essentially trying to create a brand so that with each film or piece of content I make, the audience can learn more about me ‘the filmmaker’, and over time I hope this builds up to enable people to follow the content that I create, rather than segment one separate audience for one project versus the next.

That’s why I also listen to podcasts designed for marketers, for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Some of the best information you can learn is from those with a background in promoting and selling what it is they can do. Imagine how you can transfer this across to your films, and just how much further you can grow your reach.

So I thought I’d share some of the great podcasts that are currently on my ‘listen to’ list. In no particular order:

1. Indie Film Academy Podcast

Logo from indie film academy

Logo from

This is a podcast created by Jason Buff, a filmmaker keen to learn about the areas of filmmaking that in his own words he “knew nothing about”. Interviews with startup founders, other filmmakers, producers, personal development experts, this is a great podcast to build up a lot more knowledge about the production side of filmmaking, and understand the concepts in what actually makes a successful film, other than the film itself.

Here’s my favourite episode so far
2. Startup Film School

image via iTunes

Helmed by Stacey Parks, this is a podcast that deals specifically with the business end of independent filmmaking. Guests from the show may often come from her online community Film Specific, and involve great case studies and examples to draw knowledge from. Definitely helps filmmakers who are wanting to take that next step in the rung so to speak.

Its been a while since any new episodes have been released, so I hope Stacey picks it up again as it is a valuable resource.

Here’s my favourite episode so far

3. The Fizzle Show

image via

image via

This is a hilarious, fun and informative podcast about entrepreneurship. If you’re a filmmaker serious about developing an online presence (and if you aren’t, you may be crazy), there is some great tips and thoughts from people who have run successful businesses online, and some not so successful businesses online. Well worth your time, but be prepared for some silliness before the real content begins. I happen to love silliness.

Here’s my favourite episode so far

4. The #AskGaryVee Show


image via

image via

If you don’t know who ‘Gary Vee’ is, he is a successful entrepreneur that in 2006, used YouTube to successfully market and grow his wine business. This podcast focuses on social media and online advertising, and Gary Vee always has some helpful insight into how to just be a better person really. If you love hearing guys passionate about what they do, Gary’s podcast should definitely be in your playlist.

Gary Vee also tapes the show, meaning that he can dual purpose his content (three times if you consider its then used as a blog post). A very smart dude.

Here’s my favourite episode so far

5. The RocketJump Film School: Office Hours Podcast

image via

RocketJump is the brainchild of Youtuber Freddie Wong and his band of passionate content creators. RocketJump, which is now a fully fledged production studio, shows how filmmaking has changed with the era of social media and their new Film School Series is awesome at explaining some filmmaking concepts. The Office Hours Podcast builds upon this wish to share their insight, and whilst relatively new, is a great resource for learning about an aspect of filmmaking you hadn’t thought about for a while.They have guests, panels, and they love making people part of the RocketJump community.
Here’s my favourite episode so far


And there you have it, five simple podcasts that will make you a better filmmaker, because they’re making me a better filmmaker.

Do you listen to any podcasts that you want to share? Let me know in the comments below what I should listen to! – Nick


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