Don’t Bother With Flexible Crowdfunding

25 Oct , 2015  


Don’t Bother With Flexible Crowdfunding

An observation I’ve made recently is the rise in film projects on crowdfunding platforms like IndieGoGo that take the ‘flexible funding approach’. The idea behind this is that whether the project makes the target or not, the project’s team get to keep whatever is pledged. This is different to the ‘all or nothing’ approach whereby people pledge an amount, but their cards are only charged if you reach 100% of your goal (or in the instance of Seed & Spark, 80% of your goal).

If you’ve never committed to a crowdfunding project before, the flexible funding model might seem like a really tempting thing to do. You are asking for money after all, and if you’re like me, the thought of asking it from strangers can be quite confronting. I have done it myself. After failing at an all-or-nothing approach, I was too scared to try it again for a second round of funding, instead going for the softer “we’ll make the film regardless of what we raise” approach.

But here’s why you might be doing yourself a disservice if you choose to run that campaign without the hard target of a fixed funding approach.


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Crowdfunding WITH Updates – Essential Yet Overlooked

11 Jul , 2015  

I seem to be on a crowdfunding mission recently based on my last few blog posts. There’ll be more variety I promise, but I’ve been hit with a lot of requests recently to contribute to crowdfunding campaigns for films. I love the crowdfunding concept, and I want to help as many filmmakers & producers out there run campaigns that really connect and resonate with people, and there so many simple opportunities to connect that I think are just being missed.


Updates On Your Projects

Where are they?! I think I can assume that you know that once you’ve completed your crowdfunding campaign (successful or not), you keep those contributors or those who have shown an interest in your project by giving them updates on the production and how things are coming along (I can assume that can’t I?). But what about during your campaign?! Are you missing an key opportunity to solidify the commitment from your audience?


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Crowdfunding Campaign Tips – Facebook ‘Friend’ Your Funders

5 Jul , 2015  

I came across a page for a short film currently crowdfunding their production funds today. A nicely thought out pitch video, easy to understand background about the project (even if you didn’t have a film background), and spoke directly to their audience. I had a look at their Facebook page, and at 200 likes, they were doing ok. A short film is not going to get tens of thousands of likes unless you have a seriously popular project, so I feel that they are tracking well.
The team were taking the step of publicly thanking their contributors with a post on their Facebook Page. What an awesome thing to do! To be appreciative of people taking an interest in your project, and actually thanking them in a public forum is something that I think is a lovely thing to do. Here’s where I think they could go one better, and grow the reach of their page and project more easily and organically: