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Watch & Learn: Becoming A Better Filmmaker On Another Set

20 Dec , 2015  


There is an old saying that goes along the lines of “if you want to learn about films, go and make them”.

That is certainly true, but it’s often only after your film is complete when you have the first chance to reflect back and think about what you could do differently/better next time.


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Why Creatives Need More Than A Facebook Page

4 Sep , 2015  

Whether you are just starting out in your creative field or an experienced artisan, you may rely on a social media platform (Facebook or others) to showcase your brand, your experience, your abilities. You may host content elsewhere, but Facebook could be the primary method you use to communicate with your audience, where they can follow what you are doing, where they can learn more about you.

Facebook is great for this. In fact, any social media platform can be used to grow relationships with those you hope to work with as well as those who like your work (when used correctly of course!) But if you rely too heavily on something like Facebook to showcase your journey, or social media in general, you could be missing out on a great opportunity. I’m talking about a dedicated web page. A place to show your work, a place to show more about yourself, and a place to provide some kind of value to others to begin growing a following (more on why this is important later).

Today I’m going to run through why you, the creative, needs more than a Facebook page/Instagram account/twitter handle, to grow and promote your brand, regardless of the field you work in and the positions you are after.



Teach Me To Be A Film Dude/Dudette!

5 May , 2015  

Starting out the journey like me to make super awesome films? Or maybe you’re looking to start freelancing your video production skills and would like to brush up on some skills?

Whatever the case, here you’ll find the courses that I create to teach you the skills that I’ve built up over the years to help me create awesome videos. Some will be technical, some will be about the processes of video production, but all will be used to help you learn from my mistakes & wins along the way!

All revenue from the sale of my courses will go to the next project on the IBeAFilmDude slate, so not only can you learn something cool, but I’ll get to make something cool thanks to¬†you.

Purchase my courses here via IBeAFilmDude and receive massive savings instead of the standard pricing. My gift to you!



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