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Quick and easy social media engagement for your film

6 Mar , 2016  

Social media engagement. We all want that for our projects right? Right now, my social media sucks. I want to be known as a filmmaker that is great at growing, interacting and engaging with an audience through the mediums of social media. I love social media, it has levelled the playing field when it comes to filmmaking immensely, but it takes effort, it takes time, it takes continuous, concerted effort. Which is exactly why my social media has sucked recently!

It’s such an easy channel for people to learn about a project that you are involved with, a challenge on your mind, or just a heads up on what has tickled your fancy online or in life in general. It really is the ultimate distribution and marketing equaliser, so every filmmaker and everyone in the filmmaking field should have a social media presence in my opinion. You should also invest in the time to create a content schedule, a roadmap of the type of posts you want to make in the lead up to the release of your film. More on that later as I create mine for The Cure.

Ok, so these are five quick tips for better engagement on social media for your film. They are, more than anything, suggestions. There are literally hundreds of ideas that you could implement, and each production is different, but these are some ideas based off of wanting to maintain engagement with the small audience that I’ve grown so far for The Cure Short Film. Some I’ve done, some I will do. Also, the best kind of social media strategy is one that promotes interaction, not just ‘dictating to’ your audience. So here we go:


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#WhatsYourHashtag? – Part 1

16 Jun , 2015  

When I’m developing a project, I can’t seem to help thinking about the ‘social media’ aspect of said project. What audience do I think will like the film/video? Where can I find them online? How do I promote the project to more than just those I’m connected to? If you find yourself asking the same questions and looking to start growing your audience, then maybe this blog post can help answer some of them.



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Making ‘The Cure’ – More Than A Short Film

5 May , 2015  

This is a series of blog posts designed to give insight into the biggest production I’ve been a part of to date. It will be part exposition, part learning, and offer overall reflection on how to become a better filmmaker for myself, and maybe some others too.

Hello Film Dudes & Dudettes!

Just over a week ago I wrapped production on the latest short film for the IBeAFilmDude YouTube channel. I say ‘wrapped’ but really I mean part-finished. It was 48 hours of blood, sweat and tears, pre-ceded by 6 months of even more blood, sweat and tears. It has been the biggest production and challenge that I’ve been a part of… and we’re not done yet!

I wanted to start to put my thoughts down before they fade away, and hopefully help sort through what went well and what didn’t go so well, since we will also have another two days of filming before I can start getting stuck into the edit. Film school for me has very much been through the films I’ve put together over the last several years, and this production is no different. You get to try new approaches, gain new skills and if you’re like me you try and use every opportunity to grow and become a better filmmaker…. and I certainly have a long way to go!