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Chatting On Twitter Can Teach You About Filmmaking

22 Nov , 2015  

It dawned on me that whilst I used to use the IBeAFilmDude blog for a journal/diary of sorts, it has become more of a soapbox (with social media platforms such as Twitter) for me to pass on my opinions on what I and other filmmakers can do better and differently when it comes to making those oh so sweet visual stories.


I don’t want it to be a website like every other that just spits out opinions one way, I want it to be a platform where there are both opinions, conversations, and insight toward that ultimate goal of filmmaking, so I’ll be posting some more personal stuff more regularly, as well as thinking of something else:

We love to interact on social media, yet so little of the content out there is about interacting, it’s about listening only or being talked TO. So today, I’m off of the soapbox, and wanted to try a social experiment.

I put a call out for anyone on Twitter to chime in about their process when it comes to imagining up and creating the ‘world’ that their films take place in. Do they create sketches on their own, or are they like me and browse a million photos online? Lets find out in the very first #filmpeepschat!

So here’s my original tweet:

I tagged a couple of filmmakers that I respect, and who were kind enough to chime in with their thoughts. First up, Ryan Unicomb from Purryburry Productions:

    As Ryan alludes to, having someone else to come in and bounce ideas off of is incredibly valuable. With many of my previous short films, I have certainly taken on a more dictating approach, sketching my own storyboards up or relying on mood boards to help communicate the vision in my head. With my latest film The Cure, I took the time to work with a talented and experience storyboard & concept artist, who not only listened to and interpreted my thoughts, but added their own to the mix, illustrating areas where the action might be a bit dull due to poor coverage for example.   A worthwhile investment! Thanks for the thoughts Ryan. He is currently working on a busy slate of productions, next up is his first feature, shaping up to be an intriguing and exciting sci-fi, so make sure to follow on twitter & facebook.         Next up a film that I can’t wait to see. Here Alone is a feature film set 7-8 months after a strange flu-like virus has decimated the population. I recently backed their Kickstarter campaign to continue post-production, and the trailer looks fantastic. An intriguing story, I can’t wait to see the final result. I asked the director Rod Blackhurst for his insight into creating a bleak & stark world like the one portrayed in the film:  

When you watch the sneak peek on the Kickstarter page, you can almost picture the kinds of books and concepts that Rod & his team would have looked over, since the look of the trailer focuses on those big isolated spaces, that ‘natural look’ that Rod mentions above. It has clearly helped drive the story forward, to have put in all that time imagining the world up first before filming.

Make sure to follow Ryan & Rod on Twitter, their current projects look (respectively) awesome!

If you like the idea of filmmakers (that includes you!) having chats about their process or insights, then I’d love to get #filmpeepschat off of the ground. Let me know in the comments below the area of filmmaking that you’d like to chat about and we’ll start the conversation going on Twitter! – Nick


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