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Crowdfunding Campaign Tips – Facebook ‘Friend’ Your Funders

5 Jul , 2015  

I came across a page for a short film currently crowdfunding their production funds today. A nicely thought out pitch video, easy to understand background about the project (even if you didn’t have a film background), and spoke directly to their audience. I had a look at their Facebook page, and at 200 likes, they were doing ok. A short film is not going to get tens of thousands of likes unless you have a seriously popular project, so I feel that they are tracking well.
The team were taking the step of publicly thanking their contributors with a post on their Facebook Page. What an awesome thing to do! To be appreciative of people taking an interest in your project, and actually thanking them in a public forum is something that I think is a lovely thing to do. Here’s where I think they could go one better, and grow the reach of their page and project more easily and organically:

Make ‘Facebook Friends’ With Those Who Contributed

Gasp! I know, I know, I have just told you to friend someone you’ve never met on Facebook and if you’re like me, when that happens to you, you say “Dimitri Who?” and click ignore (and most likely report them for spam). Harsh, but true.

But here’s why you might want to consider taking the leap and sending out those friend requests:

1. Someone you may or may not know personally has decided to throw their hard earned money your way. Taking an interest in them is a great way to show how truly appreciative you are. Who knows, maybe there’s some way you can return the favour down the line, and that might only happen if you’re connected on social media!

2. You can request that they like the Page of your project (if they haven’t already done so), as well as future projects that you put together. Suddenly, that audience member/fan becomes a potential life-long one, more likely to support your future projects by engaging and consuming more and more content from you.

3. You can exponentially grow your reach of the content you post on your Facebook Page. Being friends with someone on Facebook means that you can tag them in posts (subject to their privacy settings). Imagine this, instead of just thanking the contributor for their pledge, they now tag that contributor with the same public thank you note. Suddenly their post has ended up in that person’s new feed. With the average person having 338 friends on Facebook, imagine how many eyes can come across your page if you have just ten people contributing to your project, make friends with those 10, and tag them with separate posts? That’s over 3000 people!

Tagging your friends can put your post in front of the eyes of a massive audience on Facebook

Tagging your friends can put your post in front of the eyes of a massive audience on Facebook

But don’t just make friends for the sake of using the connection

Show that you are going to be a worthwhile ‘friend’ by not spamming their feed or abusing their connection. They have after all still pledged money to your project. If they don’t want to like your page, that’s ok!

A tip, rather than just ‘friending’ out of the blue and risk being marked as spam, is to set the expectation with their pledge. After they have confirmed their contribution, send them an e-mail (as I’m sure you would be to thank them anyway) and let them know that you’d love to thank them publicly on your Facebook page, and the filmmaker will send you a friend request shortly to make that happen.

Who knows, they could be the best ‘friends’ you ever have… – Nick



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