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New Stuff Is Cool Stuff

26 Sep , 2009  

Well, A Problematic Delivery is still on YouTube and is still under consideration for the Aus Post 200 seconds filmmaking comp. I have now rested enough to begin my next project, a little experiment with a man with a superb cinematic eye and who I am lucky enough to call friend & DOP, Gavin Rawlings. He likes to look at the sun alot:


The idea was to test a few new camera techniques that we are interested in, to potentially incorporate them into future films.

In particular the use of a SnorriCam and stereoscopic filmmaking. Should be interesting…

A Problematic Delivery

“A Problematic Delivery” – Featured on Australia Post Website

7 Sep , 2009  

Our entry for the AusPost 200 seconds comp is in the ‘featured’ section of the website. I guess this means we at least met all criteria!. Yay! As we await judging, I can’t help but notice the┬ánumber of views the short has gotten at this date the 7th September, not via youtube, but via the AusPost website itself. 2. Eat your heart out chocloate rain dude.



A Problematic Delivery

A Problematic Delivery

3 Sep , 2009  

For the 2009 Australia Post 200 seconds film competition, we here at Nature Of The Beast Films have completed a fairly decent short I believe.

The competition (run as AusPost celebrates it’s 200th birthday) criteria is to produce a short film no longer than 200 secs and feature a parcel of some shape and size. Below is the link to youtube where it sits waiting to be judged by industry judge types.




And so the steep climb to fame and fortune begins…

3 Sep , 2009  

In an effort to document my attempts at entry into the Australian Film Industry, I have decided to post a blog like the young crazy kids do these days. I have opted against twittering my updates, because let’s face it, Twitter is shit.

Once any new project is being developed or completed, I shall aim to tell the world here, so that you may follow either my rise to stardom, or fall into desperation and the inevitable adult films I would make because of it.


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