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Crowdfunding WITH Updates – Essential Yet Overlooked

11 Jul , 2015  

I seem to be on a crowdfunding mission recently based on my last few blog posts. There’ll be more variety I promise, but I’ve been hit with a lot of requests recently to contribute to crowdfunding campaigns for films. I love the crowdfunding concept, and I want to help as many filmmakers & producers out there run campaigns that really connect and resonate with people, and there so many simple opportunities to connect that I think are just being missed.


Updates On Your Projects

Where are they?! I think I can assume that you know that once you’ve completed your crowdfunding campaign (successful or not), you keep those contributors or those who have shown an interest in your project by giving them updates on the production and how things are coming along (I can assume that can’t I?). But what about during your campaign?! Are you missing an key opportunity to solidify the commitment from your audience?


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Creating An Abandoned City – An Analysis of 28 Days later

15 Feb , 2015  

Arguably one of the most important aspects to creating a believable ‘world’ in a film is its production design, especially that which is seen by the camera. Set design, makeup, costumes and props, each as important to the other so that we, the audience, are really in Victorian England, or exploring other world’s on the intergalactic  spaceship Prometheus.

So how can you ensure that when the viewer watches your film that they believe what they see is really happening? Well the first answer to that question is in the people around you, those that help with the concept, design and construction of the film’s world. I am currently seeking a Production Designer to help me do just this. Over the next few months I’ll be making a short film set six months after a zombie apocalypse. The world needs to be abandoned. Belongings, cars, offices, homes. Everyone has taken what they can, and left. Imagine picking up a town, shaking up it free of its inhabitants, then putting it back down. Then you’re getting into the world I’m trying to create.


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Jonny 5 is ALIVE!

29 May , 2014  

Hello Film Dudes & Dudettes!

That’s right. I’m back!IMG_9758v2

It’s taken a while to narrow down my focus and work out what it actually is that I want from this filmmaking malarkey. Since my last post (years ago it looks like), I’ve gone from struggling filmmaker, determined to find an outlet through film around my soul-crushing day job (I worked in insurance), to working videographer using my storytelling and technical abilities as my day job (which is an incredible feeling in itself), but at the cost of me completing very little creative work ‘for me’.

I started 2014 determined to get back on track on my journey to becoming a filmmaker. I decided that I wanted to use this year as a platform to achieve three things:

1. Become a better filmmaker. This means make more than 1 short film a year…
2. Meet other creatives. There are far more talented people than me out there, and I want to work with them to help bring my stories to life; like never before.
3. Get my films seen! That point seems obvious, but I don’t want to make films for myself. I want to make films to entertain people. That’s hard to do if you make a short film for a film festival, wait 6 months before its seen and then put it online as an afterthought. I want people to enjoy my films, as much, and as regularly as possible.

So my focus has been to create a YouTube channel, a place to achieve all of those points above. It will be a place for me to showcase mine and others hard work, but also a place where people can come to learn about the process of filmmaking. not so much the technical or how to, but an idea on the processes involved in communicating with cast & crew to create something more than just ‘words on screen’.

So watch this space for a more updated website, follow along with me, and if you like what it is I have to say, I would be eternally grateful if you shared this post.

Thanks Guys! – Nick

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